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Ballroom & Latin American Dance Lessons – for Everyone

Given the rapidly evolving situation regarding coronavirus (COVID-19), following NSW Health procedures, the studio is currently closed until July 9, 2021, in line with current COVID-19 guidelines. Make sure you follow us on Instagram for live updates. 

DanceXS is dance made special.

DanceXS is Australia’s premier dance studio – and it’s for everyone. Created by award-winning dancer and choreographer Stefano Olivieri, we offer Latin American and ballroom dance classes for kids, teens and adults – of all skill levels. We want everyone to celebrate the elegance, romance and pure unadulterated joy of dance! So at DanceXS, you’re welcome to waltz, rumba or jive in world-class studios… with the absolute best.

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Fancy a foxtrot? Craving a quickstep? Or maybe the tango is your cup of tea. We have dance classes to help you gain skills, get social, and dance with style – whether you’re an absolute beginner, or an advanced dancer looking to step up to new heights.

Classes & Programs
Male Choreographer Teaches Teens To Dance In The Dance Studio
Wedding Dance Lessons


When you step into the DanceXS studio, we’ll welcome you with open arms… or a dip and a twirl. There are no divas here – just like-minded souls who share a love for music and movement. We have world-class studios, flexible pricing and a whole lot of fun.

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At DanceXS, we love the beauty and brilliance of ballroom… from a classic waltz to a jazzy jive and exuberant rumba and samba. We guide novices through first steps, help dance aficionados build a ravishing repertoire, and elevate elite dancers to exciting new levels.

Classes & Programs
Happy Bride And Groom And Their First Dance


Dance is a delight – and there’s no better time to share the joy and magic of dance than a wedding. We’re here to help you prepare an elegant and romantic routine for your big day – with three package options for a perfect fit for every couple.

Classes & Programs
Two Women Doing Bare Attack


Our fun and fitness programs are ideal for all ages – and all fitness levels. Our littlest dancers love Sparkle Ballet. And our adult program includes Kangatraining for mums and bubs, and Barre Attack, a brilliant blend of ballet and pilates.

Classes & Programs


Stefano Olivieri is an internationally recognised dancer and choreographer. He’s won Dancing with the Stars twice, appeared in major musical theatre and is the winner of every major national Australian DanceSport championship. He’s also your ballroom dance instructor.

So, are you ready to join the dance? Contact us to take the first step and get ready to dip, twirl, slide and sashay… with the best.

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“Stefano is fantastic. He’s a very funny bloke, and he’s very relaxed. You never feel awkward for not getting something right away, and he always takes the time to help people.”

- Josh
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“I love dance and I love that even in tough times, you can come in and forget about everything else. DanceXS is like a hub, or even a home, and you’re always welcome.”

- Lachlan
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“Stefano is the ultimate drawcard. He’s effervescent, friendly and he has a really clever way of teaching. If he’s explaining a new step, he’ll use an analogy like the way an animal moves, and explain it in a way they can all understand. Then once they’ve got it, he’ll give them the technical name. It’s always age appropriate, and very effective.”

- Christy
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“I really like that it’s a very nurturing atmosphere and there’s no judgement at all. We just want to learn to dance socially, but we might be in with others who are aspiring to competition level one day… and we’re not made to feel any different. It’s an incredible feeling.”

- Judy and Kevin


So, are you ready to join the dance? Contact us to take the first step and get ready to dip, glide and sashay... in style.