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DanceXS is dance made special. We’re Australia’s premier dance studio with all-ability dance lessons for adults and kids.

And while we know variety is the spice of life, we adore ballroom more than just about anything else. It’s romantic and ravishing, it’s fun and fabulous… and it’s the best time you can have getting fit and healthy.

Founder and Director, Stefano Olivieri, is an award-winning dancer and choreographer with a string of national and international accolades.

He’s won Australia’s national dance awards more than ten times, appeared on stage and screen, and is a two-time winner of Dancing with the Stars.

Stefano opened DanceXS to share his love of dance – and he personally teaches all ballroom and Latin American dance classes. So regardless of age or skill level, you’re welcome to learn to waltz, tango or cha-cha-cha in our beautiful, state-of-the-art studios… from one of the absolute best.

A group of adult dancing

A perfect escape

Stefano fell in love with dance when he first saw his father and mother glide across a dance floor as a boy… and he still adores the romance and elegance, the glitz and glamour, and the pure unadulterated magic of dance. And we’re pretty sure you will too.

So why not join us to celebrate life, love and laughter with first-class – and always fun – ballroom dance lessons. We provide exceptional instruction for elite professionals, help dance aficionados build a brilliant repertoire, and guide novices through nervous first steps.

Some come to us for fun and fitness, others love the chance to meet like-minded movers… and plenty of people join to indulge a passion for dance with a regular mid-week escape.

Group Of People Stretching

Fit and fabulous

Don’t be fooled by any preconceptions. Ballroom isn’t uptight… and it’s certainly not about divas. People all over the world flock to ballroom classes, and they come from all walks of life. Our students are eclectic and include artists, accountants, engineers and electricians.

Ballroom provides a brilliant opportunity to learn new physical skills in a warm and welcoming environment, build fitness and have an absolute ball while you do it. It’s exercise that’s social… and socialising that keeps you fit and energised.

Better still, we’re Australia’s leading dance studio. So you can dance in world-class studios and enjoy immaculate facilities.

Ballroom Basics Classes

Ballroom basics

Our ballroom dance classes for adults run every Tuesday night – and we have three classes for three stages. So if it’s your first time on the dance floor, you won’t be alone. And while we have plenty of couples and friends who like to dance together, there’s absolutely no stress if you’re travelling solo.

And what do our lessons cover? A lot! Stefano will guide you through the waltz, jive and tango, the quickstep and foxtrot, the rumba and samba. And did we say cha-cha-cha?

Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone, start a new adventure or finally take the leap and learn what you’ve always loved? Then we’ll be here to welcome you with open arms… or maybe a dip and a twirl.

Ready to join the dance?

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So, are you ready to join the dance? Contact us to take the first step and get ready to dip, glide and sashay... in style.