Young male and female dancers in class

Angelina is a senior student who discovered her love of dance in Year 6. “I remember we did a dance in class and I came home and told Mum how much I enjoyed it. She suggested lessons and found DanceXS. I went in that first Friday… and now I’ve been nearly every Friday since.”

For Angelina, that first DanceXS class was momentous. “I remember being the little girl in the back. I was so nervous. Stefano could tell and he was so welcoming and encouraging, even though I was getting the steps completely wrong.”

At the end of her first lesson, Angelina was hooked. “As soon as it finished, I said, ‘Mum, I want to do this.’ I’ll never forget that feeling. It was literally one lesson, and I was in love with everything about it.”

Female Dancers In Class

Beautiful space made better

Angelina’s now been dancing with DanceXS for around five years and she still recalls her first impressions of the studio. “It was so beautiful – the polished floors, the mirrors, everything was so nice.”

It’s a place made even better by the people. “It’s a really good environment. I’ve become close to quite a few of the girls. I adore Stefano and have good dance partners. Everyone is just so nice.”

And humour is part of every lesson. “Our advanced class gets along really well… we train hard, but there are also a lot of jokes and we’re laughing 24/7,” she says.

Girls Dancing In Front Of The Mirror

A life lesson

Angelina has a clear passion for dance, and she enjoys competitions. “I love the interaction between me and my partner. And I love the whole atmosphere – the lights, the glitter, the chats… and everyone having a great time.”

When Angelina’s not taking a lesson, she spends time helping out with the intermediate classes and students who need a guiding hand. She’s loving life, and for Angelina, it’s all due to Stefano.

“Stefano was a major reason I joined DanceXS, and now having known him for six years, I realise he’s also the best life coach too. I’m not sure who I’d be if I hadn’t joined DanceXS and met him.”


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