Ballroom and Latin American

DanceXS is a dance studio with a difference – because everyone is welcome. We offer dance lessons for all ages and all abilities. And while we have plenty of classes for fun and fitness – including Barre Attack and Kangatraining – our heart and soul is ballroom. We provide classes for elites, everyday enthusiasts and absolute novices. And Stefano Olivieri personally teaches all lessons.

Dance For Everyone

Dance for everyone

DanceXS isn’t about divas. We want everyone to share our passion for dance… because it’s the perfect weeknight escape, celebration of love, and antidote to modern woes. Dance brings couples, friends, families and communities together – and we love it!

At DanceXS, we all have one thing in common. We’re here to dance! So if you’re a dance floor novice, a regular looking to add new dance styles, or an elite wanting to elevate your dancing to new heights, you’re in good company. And our world-class instructor will help you with every single step.

Weddings are our speciality too. So, if you’re gearing up for your big day, we’ll ensure you perform your newlywed dance with panache.

Think dance isn’t for everyone? Think again. Our regulars include tradies and teachers, lawyers and labourers, writers and real estate agents. Dance is a joy – and that’s why above all, we make every lesson fun!

Group of people following step

More than a dance studio

DanceXS is more than a leading dance studio. It’s a destination, with purpose-built, international-grade studios, immaculate change rooms and superior sound systems.

We keep things simple with flexible pricing for adult classes and no lock-in contracts. We give you the option to buy block lessons, so if you miss a week, there’s no pressure. And we have a simple timetable with regular mid-week lessons.

When you sign up for ballroom and Latin American dance lessons, we want you to learn in a beautiful, welcoming space… from the absolute best. So if you fancy a foxtrot or are ready to rumba and samba, get ready to dance!

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DanceXS is dance made extra special – even for kids. Our kids’ classes are a step up. And that’s because at DanceXS, your kids can join a lesson in a top-class studio… and learn from an internationally recognised and award-winning dancer.

Stefano Olivieri is our Founder and Director – and because he’s passionate about sharing his love of dance, he personally teaches all ballroom dance lessons.

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Whether you’re completely new to dance, or an elite competitor, you’re welcome to join us at DanceXS.

We’re passionate about dance here. We adore ballroom and Latin American… and we’re pretty sure you will too.

Ballroom is romantic and ravishing, it’s fun and fabulous… and it’s a brilliant way to meet like-minded students and enjoy a wonderful mid-week escape.

A group of advanced dancers

Advanced dancers

DanceXS is Australia’s premier dance studio, with ballroom and Latin American dance lessons for all ages and all abilities. And that means we’re here to guide you through to advanced level… and maybe even elite.

Founded by award-winning dancer Stefano Olivieri, DanceXS gives you a rare opportunity to learn in a world-class dance studio… from a leading dance professional. Stefano knows dance inside and out.

Dance made special

So if you’re ready to jive, waltz, cha-cha, quickstep or samba in style, then contact us to join the dance today.


So, are you ready to join the dance? Contact us to take the first step and get ready to dip, glide and sashay... in style.