Regular Children’s Dance Lessons

There are plenty of places that offer regular children’s dance lessons, but we think kids deserve more. That’s why DanceXS offers something truly special. Here, your kids can learn in stunning world-class studios… from an internationally recognised and award-winning dancer.

Stefano Olivieri is the DanceXS Founder, Director – and instructor for all ballroom and Latin American dance lessons. And while he trains elite dancers for professional competitions… he also adores introducing young ones to the thrill and joy of dance.

Dance gives kids a glimpse of a world beyond sport – where glamour and elegance, courtesy and respect are key. And that’s why our ballroom dance lessons for kids are a star attraction.

Children following instruction

A dance lesson… in life

Stefano fell in love with dance as a young boy, when he first saw his father take his mother’s hand and glide across a dance floor.

It opened his eyes to a new and magical world, and it’s a world we love to share with our ballroom dance program.

DanceXS ballroom and Latin American dance lessons for kids will help little ones learn the steps to popular dances such as the waltz and jive.

They’re great for fitness, excellent for coordination and ideal for confidence. And we’ll also teach children acceptance, compassion and commitment… to partners, teachers and parents.

Dance is more than movement. It offers a new and exciting world for children and the chance to gain dance skills, social skills and life skills. Our kids get valuable lessons in structure, stability and respect… and most importantly, have a whole lot of fun.

Children Dancing Together

Safe and welcoming

Stefano grew up in a big Italian family – and family has always been central. It’s why he created DanceXS to be a welcoming, all-embracing community hub.

There are too many dance classes where parents drop and run.

We encourage you to stay for the class to watch your children learn in a safe and friendly environment.

We welcome you in with French-café-style seating right at the side of the dance floor so you can share your child’s adventure… and take a breather for an hour.

Our kids’ ballroom classes are best for children who can give our teacher their (mostly) undivided attention, so we recommend ages five and over. For the littlest ones, we offer Sparkle Ballet – a fun class that introduces movement and song and is excellent to refine gross motor skills.

Ballroom Basic lessons

Ballroom basics

Our children’s classes run regularly on Friday evenings (timetable here) – with options for beginners, medium and advanced. We ask you to pay in advance for a 10-week term. And we accept the government’s Creative Kids and Active Kids vouchers – which saves you a bundle.

We’re 100% transparent with fees – and flexible. If you join midway through a term, you only pay a partial fee, and if you’re heading away, we’ll credit those lessons if you notify us beforehand. We make it as easy as possible to come… and stay. And we’re thrilled that some of our dancers are still with us into their teens and twenties.

We ask that boys wear a black t-shirt and trousers; and girls come in a black or dark skirt and a leotard or comfortable top. However, if you’re coming straight from school, uniforms are absolutely fine. Once your child has shown they’re keen to stay, we do recommend dance shoes, which you can purchase at our regular pop-up uniform shop.

Have a young one ready to dance?

Contact us if you have a little Misty or Mikhail at home desperate to hone their skills, or a young one curious to discover the magical wonderland that is dance.


So, are you ready to join the dance? Contact us to take the first step and get ready to dip, glide and sashay... in style.