At DanceXS, we adore everything about dance. It’s fun, fabulous and ideal for fitness. It’s oh so stylish. And it’s a wonderful way to enjoy a weekly escape. We hope you love dance just as much as we do, but we understand you may have questions. Here are some of our most common queries, and if you do need to know anything else at all, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

DanceXS is dance for everyone. And that means we cater to the elite, the enthusiast… and those who’ve never set foot on a dance floor before. Our incredible teachers are passionate about dance… and about sharing dance with everyone. So beginners are more than welcome.

You’ll be in a class with other beginners and if you need extra guidance at any stage, we’ll absolutely provide it. Dance is a joy, and we know that once you start, you’ll love every single step.

While we adore ballroom dancing at DanceXS, we’re not too tied up in ceremony. So we don’t require formal attire for ballroom dance classes. For adults, we simply ask that you wear casual clothes and flat, comfortable shoes.

Please don’t wear stilettos. They damage our gorgeous, professional flooring… and we don’t want any twisted ankles. Flat and flexible is the smartest option.

For kids, we prefer boys to wear a black t-shirt and trousers; and girls to have a black or dark skirt with a leotard or comfortable top. However, if you’re coming straight from school, uniforms are absolutely fine.

Latin American and ballroom dance lessons do need focus. So we recommended children be aged six and up for classes. For younger ones, we have our fabulous and fun Sparkle Ballet classes.

To start, sneakers or any comfortable flat shoes are fine. Once you’ve had a few lessons and are starting to gain confidence, we do recommend dance shoes which are available at our pop-up uniform shop. You’ll look super stylish – dare we say dapper – and most importantly, they will help you glide across the dance floor with ease.

Please come in comfortable clothes and bring a bottle of water. We have immaculate bathroom and shower facilities, so please also bring a towel if you plan to shower and change after class.

We’re here to help with a pop-up uniform shop once a month that caters for kids and adults. We have a specialist who’s been selling dance shoes for decades, and she’ll help you choose the perfect shoe, and perfect fit.

We provide a trial lesson so you can get a feel for our studio – and we’ll check in after the class to answer questions and make sure you’re 100% ready to go. And because all of our teachers are amazing – need we say shining stars – we offer extra guidance, support and encouragement to anyone who needs a helping hand.

We run classes in ten-week terms, but you are welcome to start any time. Our adult classes run Tuesday nights and you can keep it casual. It’s $25 for a drop-in visit or $20 per class sold in a block of six that you can use in non-consecutive weeks. If you love it – and we know you will – we do recommend coming weekly to build skills. However, if you need to miss a class, there’s no pressure.

We’re glad you asked. If you haven’t yet heard of Stefano Olivieri, you’re in for a treat.
Stefano is an exceptional, award-winning dancer, a star of the dance floor, television and stage… and a passionate teacher. Please read all about him here.

Not only do we have change rooms, we have stunning, world-class facilities.
Our contemporary space features immaculate change rooms with full shower facilities and first-class toiletries. Please bring a towel if you plan to shower after class.

We don’t just allow parents to stay for their child’s lessons, we encourage you to. Dance is something to be shared, and we want to introduce it to our little ones in a safe and nurturing environment. We provide café-style seating right at the edge of the dance floor, so you’ll be close to your child for every class.

Where do we start? Dance is wonderful for fitness, focus and agility. It’s a fantastic way to meet like-minded people and stay social. It’s a great distraction for busy and stressful times. And it’s an incredible way to boost self-esteem and confidence. For kids, all of the above – plus it’s a wonderful way to learn about music and culture, and develop wonderful social skills, including respect and tolerance.

We’re not strict but yes, we do recommend it. The best way to learn to dance is with practice. We do make every lesson fun, however, so once you get started, we’re pretty sure you’ll never want to miss out.

The classes range in size but are never overloaded. All of our instructors are passionate about teaching and can recognise when someone needs extra guidance or encouragement. We keep class sizes manageable so we can give you our full attention.

You’re never alone when you dance at DanceXS. Some people bring a good friend to lessons, but if you don’t have anyone who’s keen, that’s absolutely fine. We have plenty of dance students travelling solo, and we’ll pair you up with friendly fellow students who are also looking for a dance partner.