Fun and Fit

Dance Classes For Fun And Fitness

The creation of award-winning dancer and choreographer Stefano Olivieri, DanceXS delivers brilliant ballroom and Latin American dance lessons for all skill levels… and a range of dynamic dance classes for fun and fitness.

We’ve created DanceXS as an elegant escape, a community hub and a place for friends and loved ones to twist, twirl, shimmy and shake in absolute comfort.

Based in Western Sydney, DanceXS offers world-class dance lessons and facilities, so you can step into our studio to be swept away… and dance like you’ve never danced before.

Fun And Fitness Program

The choice is yours

The DanceXS fun and fitness program is ideal for all ages, and all fitness levels. Whether you’re an old hand or a curious rookie, you’re more than welcome.

For our littlest dancers there’s Sparkle Ballet, a too-cute-to-boot class for three to six-year-olds that focuses on gross motor skills, ballet basics and lots of laughter.

Our adult program includes belly dancing (kids welcome too), high-energy Latin Zumba, Kangatraining for mums and bubs… and Barre Attack, a brilliant blend of ballet and pilates.

Blending high and low-intensity training with dance offers a fantastic way to get fit and have a ball. We have regular classes, affordable and transparent pricing and incredible teachers who are ready to help you get fabulously fit – and have fun.

Ready to discover our fun and fit program? Take a detailed look at belly dancing, Barre Attack, Sparkle Ballet, Zumba and Kangatraining. Or contact us to find out more.

Four Litte Girls Doing Ballet

Sparkle Ballet

Have a mini Misty Copeland or baby Baryshnikov at home? If your little one would love to learn to dance, then Sparkle Ballet is the ideal first step. Our classes for your shining stars will help them learn first ballet basics – and have a whole lot of fun while they do.

Sparkle Ballet is ideal for little twinkle toes… that twitch. It encourages coordination and focus. And there are tutus and twirls, wand and ribbon twirling, stretching – and energy-burning routines that ensure big smiles.

Our Sparkle Ballet classes are suitable for three to five-year-olds. And our wonderful teacher, Sally, will ensure every Sparkle Ballet lesson is super exciting… for every little star.

Class fees

$150 per school term

Two Women Doing Bare Attack

Barre Attack

Always loved ballet… or wished you had? Barre Attack is a lively blend of ballet and pilates – and it’s brilliant.

Maybe it’s the wonderful and effective combination of a low-impact and high-intensity workout.

Perhaps it’s the inclusion of standing pilates and short bursts of cardio. Or without doubt it’s the dynamic dance moves… that are also incredibly fun.

We love Barre Attack, and with the amazing Sally leading you on, we’re pretty sure you will too. All fitness levels welcome.

Class fees

Day visit $25 pp
5 sessions $100
10 sessions $190

Image of beauty belly dancers performing in the dance studio

Belly Dancing

If dance is vibrant, a joy and a celebration of life – like we know it is – then nothing says dance quite like belly dancing. Central to Arabic culture, belly dancing is an incredible fusion of energy and expression. And it’s so, so, so much fun.

Belly dancing isn’t a one-stop dance style. Our wonderful teacher, Mau, from Al Haseena Middle Eastern Belly Dance, will introduce you to a myriad of belly dancing styles, including Egyptian, Lebanese, Iraqi and Persian. So you’ll discover the whole wide world of this amazing dance style.

Best of all, belly dancing suits all ages, all abilities and all body shapes. At DanceXS, you’re always welcome.

Class fees

Day visit $20
Full 8-week term $120

Children under 12
Day visit $15
Full 8-week term $80

Group of smiling people with coach dancing zumba in gym or studio


Ready to really move? Zumba is a fitness program that blends Latin music with dance moves – and it’s a blast. Originating in Colombia, it’s dance meets interval and resistance training. We all enjoy a gym now and again… but a gym is never this much fun!

Zumba choreography spans a whole range of dance styles, including soca, samba, salsa, merengue and mambo… and maybe even some belly dancing and Bollywood.

Lana runs our Zumba classes and she is ready to welcome all ages and fitness levels. If you’re looking to build fitness, lose weight and meet friendly and supportive classmates, then we can’t wait to see you in Zumba.

Class fees

Contact us to confirm current fees.

New Mums Looking To Get Fit


New mums looking to get fit, get social and get energised, look no further than Kangatraining. Designed specifically for the postnatal body, Kangatraining focuses on core and pelvic floor stability – to help you regain overall strength and fitness.

Classes target different muscle groups with a blend of dance and aerobic exercise, and each class includes a variety of floor work. The brilliant thing about Kangtraining too is that bub is right there with you in a baby carrier. It’s effective, safe for you and your baby, and it’s a brilliant way to get out and get active with new friends.

Our wonderful Emma runs Kangatraining for all fitness levels – and guarantees you’ll leave feeling entertained… and energised.

Class fees

Day visit $15
$110 for one class per week per term
$200 for two classes per week per term
Carrier hire $20 per term or
$3 per casual class


So, are you ready to join the dance? Contact us to take the first step and get ready to dip, glide and sashay... in style.