Group of Happy Young male and female dancing Ballroom

Josh is a 22-year-old electrician who came to DanceXS with no prior experience but an interest in dance… and he hasn’t looked back.

“I’ve always enjoyed dancing socially and I’m the one who’s never been afraid to get on the dance floor at a club,” he explains. “I like to push myself. I thought dance classes would be something different, a good way to socialise, and a nice way to break up the midweek routine.”

It was a relative who helped Josh discover DanceXS. “My uncle did salsa dancing and he looked up some places for me. I’m not so much into salsa, but I liked that Stefano offered ballroom and Latin American classes and decided to give it a go.”

Josh has now been dancing at the studio for two years, and he’s loving it so much that he’s even considering recreational competitions.

Group of young men and women enjoying dance class

A new journey

Josh was impressed with the look of the studio when he arrived, but was more interested in what the teaching would be like. After his first class, he was more than happy.

Stefano is fantastic. He’s a very funny bloke, and he’s very relaxed. You never feel awkward for not getting something right away, and he always takes the time to help people.”

The studio atmosphere is another winning point. “I like that it has that family feel. And we’re always laughing. I’ve made good friends and we never have a bad lesson. I drive for an hour to get here, but I’m very happy to keep doing it because I always look forward to the classes.”

Male And Female Dancing With Class

Learning to lead

While Josh loves the social side of dancing, he also enjoys the chance to learn new steps. “I do love the music, but for me dance is also about the skills. I like being able to do things that others can’t…

… and I want to be a good dance lead and dance nicely with a girl – with class.”

If he could dance with anyone, Josh wouldn’t mind a dance with singer Shakira. And in the interim he’s looking forward to a new challenge with competitions. “I have a partner lined up, but we’re on hold now with Coronavirus. Once that’s over, I’ll be looking forward to giving competitions a go.”

So would he recommend DanceXS? “Yes, the studio is awesome.”


So, are you ready to join the dance? Contact us to take the first step and get ready to dip, glide and sashay... in style.