Judy and Kevin

Retired Couples In Ballroom Dance Class

Judy and her husband, Kevin, are new recruits to DanceXS. The retired couple have an interest in dance, but hadn’t had too much luck with previous outings. So far with DanceXS, things are looking good… surprisingly good.

“We had tried a few community dance events previously with absolutely no success. We were just plodding along,” laughs Judy.

“But everything about DanceXS is great. We’ve been doing the beginners’ ballroom class since July last year and we love it. Stefano, Sally… and everything about DanceXS is just wonderful.”

Happy Senior Couple Dancing Ballroom

A life of ballroom dancing

Judy and Kevin started at DanceXS when their daughter-in-law passed along a voucher for a free lesson. “We thought we’d try a six-week block, and we’re still here now,” she says.

While Judy hasn’t had many positive dance lessons in the past, she has always loved ballroom. “My parents taught me when I was little,” she recalls, “and I loved it. Looking back, I would love the chance to dance with my dad again.”

Although Judy was always keen for lessons, Kevin was a little hesitant. “My husband has never been very successful with dancing. He goes because I like it, so I’m lucky he comes, but he’s also enjoying it too now… in fact, he’s loving it.”

Senior Couple In Ballroom Dance Class

Warm and welcoming

For Judy, one thing that stands out about DanceXS is the warm and welcoming atmosphere. “The studio looked so professional when we first walked in, but it was also so welcoming. Sally is so friendly and helpful, and Stefano is great.

I really like that it’s a very nurturing atmosphere and there’s no judgement at all,” she continues. “We just want to learn to dance socially, but we might be in with others who are aspiring to competition level one day… and we’re not made to feel any different. It’s an incredible feeling.”

For Judy and Kevin, the first class was a revelation. “After that first class we thought ‘wow’… if we can’t learn from Stefano, we won’t be learning much,” she laughs.

Senior Couple dancing With Ballroom Dance Instructor

A new journey

For Judy, dance is an adventure – and she’s loving it. “We like it because it takes you on a journey. It releases you from whatever you’ve been thinking about. It takes you to another place which is so nice.”

And the people are part and parcel of the magic. “Sally is fantastic, and Stefano is very in tune with everyone, which makes him a great teacher. He reads people really well, so he knows when someone’s nervous or needs help, and he also makes it so much fun.”

For Judy and Kevin, DanceXS has been a positive experience all around. “The whole environment is so friendly and supportive. If you can’t go to a class, you really do miss it,” she says. “It’s just brilliant!”


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