Lachlan Hawkins

Young Male And Female Taking Dance Class

At 19 years old, Lachlan is already an old hand at DanceXS. He’s been taking ballroom and Latin American lessons for close to eight years. One thing he really loves about the studio is the family feel… and it was family that got him started on his dance journey.

“My sister started first. Mum asked me if I wanted to dance, and I said, ‘No way!’ Then one of my friends from school began taking lessons, and that made it a lot easier to come along.”

His first lesson wasn’t without nerves, however. “I was pretty unsure,” he recalls, “but Stefano was really welcoming, so it was very easy to get comfortable very quickly. And then I realised there was nothing to be nervous about.”

Male And Female Instructor In A Studio

Studio impressions

Lachlan is studying management at university, so he has a head for business – and he believes DanceXS delivers. “My first impression was that it was very impressive,” he says. “It’s so clean and spacious and it’s very well run. There’s never been a lapse in efficiency in the entire time I’ve been here.”

Now taking advanced lessons, Lachlan says the teaching is first class too. “Stefano knows what he’s talking about. He’s very experienced, knowledgeable and accredited. He’s worked hard to be where he is and now, he’s passing on that knowledge to his students.”

He also loves that it’s not wholly serious. “Stefano is very good as a teacher, and he’s also very funny, so the lessons are great. The culture of the studio is one of the best parts. I like that parents can come and sit down during the kids’ lesson. It’s family-orientated – and fun.”

Pair Dancing Ballroom In Studio

Advancing with the best

While there’s a great atmosphere at DanceXS, it’s also a fantastic place for advanced dancers to learn. “We have a very good class,” explains Lachlan. “We have a laugh, but we’re also all there to improve ourselves and we work hard together.”

Like many of his fellow dancers, Lachlan has competed in a number of competitions, including the annual Interflora DanceSport Championships. “I’m very competitive,” he says. “I love to push myself to be better and competitions are a great motivator. When I found out that I could compete, I was hooked.”

Ultimately, Lachlan loves that dance is something you can enjoy, and rely on. “I love dance and I love that even in tough times, you can come in and forget about everything else. DanceXS is like a hub, or even a home, and you’re always welcome.”


So, are you ready to join the dance? Contact us to take the first step and get ready to dip, glide and sashay... in style.