Student Stories


Having always fancied himself as something of a John Travolta on the dance floor, Pete decided to take the leap and sign up for ballroom dance lessons… with mixed results. “I discovered I’m a really crap dancer,” he laughs, “… but I love every minute of it.”

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At 19 years old, Lachlan is already an old hand at DanceXS. He’s been taking ballroom and Latin American lessons for close to eight years. One thing he really loves about the studio is the family feel… and it was family that got him started on his dance journey.

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Lani first brought two of her children to DanceXS ballroom lessons a year ago. They loved it so much, she decided her youngest one would start dance classes here as well. Now with three children at the studio, she has nothing but positive things to report.

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Angelina is a senior student who discovered her love of dance in Year 6. “I remember we did a dance in class and I came home and told Mum how much I enjoyed it. She suggested lessons and found DanceXS. I went in that first Friday… and now I’ve been nearly every Friday since.”

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For Tracey, DanceXS has been a great experience. “The space is really nice, I’ve found everyone here very friendly and Stefano is lovely. He’s obviously very talented and he’s also great with the kids. He has a lot of fun with them, keeps them interested, and they really enjoy being in his classes.”

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Christopher is an amateur dancer who has taken both group classes and private ballroom lessons with DanceXS. He’s been with the studio for around four years now – and he initially came to us via an unusual route.

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Judy and her husband, Kevin, are new recruits to DanceXS. The retired couple have an interest in dance but hadn’t had too much luck with previous outings. So far with DanceXS, things are looking good… surprisingly good.

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Josh is a 22-year-old electrician who came to DanceXS with no prior experience but an interest in dance… and he hasn’t looked back.

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Christy has two daughters who take ballroom dance lessons with DanceXS – Abbigail and Eve – and she first discovered the studio while looking for classes for her youngest. “When Eve was in primary school there was a ballroom event at the school, and Stefano was a sponsor,” she explains.

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