Pre Teens Having Dance Class

For Tracey, mum to two boys, DanceXS has brought a new direction to her life. “I never thought I’d be a dance mum,” she laughs, “but here I am.”

Tracey’s 12-year-old, Nathan, takes ballroom classes with a mate from school – and they’re both enjoying it hugely.

For Tracey, DanceXS has been a great experience. “The space is really nice, I’ve found everyone here very friendly and Stefano is lovely. He’s obviously very talented and he’s also great with the kids. He has a lot of fun with them, keeps them interested, and they really enjoy being in his classes.”

Boy and girl joined Ballroom Dance Competition

New directions

Nathan hadn’t been interested in dance until a competition in school in Year 5. He entered with some friends and was highly commended. Stefano was one of the judges.

“Nathan initially got interested when a couple of his friends got involved with a ballroom competition at school. He tried for the school team a couple of times, got accepted and started doing some dance at school. When he received a free lesson, we came along, and he loved it.”

He’s kept up his lessons thanks to great teaching and camaraderie. “All the kids are really keen, and they have a lot of fun together.”

Teens Attended Ballroom Dance Class

Teaching with flair

For Tracey, Stefano’s teaching style is definitely a winning point.

“When Nate first came along Stefano was very welcoming and he really encouraged him, which gave him the confidence boost he needed. Nate initially thought he mightn’t be able to do all the dances, but he’s mathematically minded and very musical and Stefano could teach in a way that it all made sense.

I think Stefano’s an excellent teacher. He has a way of explaining things that kids really get, he dances with everyone and the older kids from advanced classes help out, which is really lovely. It helps make everyone at DanceXS feel like part of a family.”


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